“Chariots of the Gods, man. They’re droppin’ outta the sky like flies…

by bberburb

I travel a lot and more often than not see most of this world from a window seat at 20,000 feet.   I saw this image and was lucky enough to get my camera out to snap a few shots.   There will be a time in say 2 or 3 thousand years, well after the effects of pending Zombie Apocalypse are gone, that someone or something will fly, hover, or teleport over this exact spot and see a petroglyph of this image worn in to the landscape.  Maybe they will see something. Maybe not.  What I am not sure, but if they do, I am sure there will be only more questions.   Right now, it is the beginning of what I think will be an upscale housing addition somewhere on a flight between West Palm Beach and Houston.  But give it a millennia.  One thousand years at the rate we are going, zombies or no zombies. Hell, maybe just 100 years.