“It was a pleasure to burn.”

by bberburb

I have read books and collected hardcovers for as long as I remember.  I still have hardcover novels I was given when I was 4 years old.   Four decades is a long time to keep anything, let alone a paper product.  So I waited as long as I could but finally broke down with the announcement of the second generation of the Amazon Kindle and ordered one. 

 Ink on paper forming words, word following  word, forming ideas, and ideas crashing into ideas telling stories, may be the one true distinguishing difference between man and animal. 

 I ordered the Kindle not thinking it would ever replace the hard covers in my library, only to have it to carry with me when I travel.   Simple as that.   But that changed once I opened the box and powered on the Kindle 2 and stood watching the screen as several books and magazines I ordered the prior day appear on the screen in about 45 seconds.




Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”   And make no mistake, for the first few hours after receiving and unpacking the Kindle,  I might as well have been holding a rabbit pulled from a hat.   I was a Cro-Magnon  Man looking at the first wheel by the light of a new fire.  Ten days later I am still grunting with delight and showing the new magic to my tribe.   I have read well over the equivalent of 1000 pages, three novels , twenty plus short stories, and numerous magazines.   I have barely scratched the ability to read blogs, listen to music, surf the internet, look up words with in documents with one thumb and most of all….fit all 81 books I have loaded on my Kindle in my briefcase with space to spare. Sitting in my car miles from a network connection and further from a wireless connection I had a co-worker email a work document/pdf that needed my immediate review to my free Kindle email account and within 3 mins I have a document that I could review highlight and approve on the Kindle. I never left my car. 

  I have yet to comprehend technological reach into my life of the Kindle.  









 Will it replace all of my hard covers? Maybe a few.  

 Will it replace the hard covers featuring the photo work of my favorite photographers? Never.    

Will it ever replace books as my main method of reading?  Yes, it did that in about the first two hours.

 If you have questions just comment.