“that where there is hatred, I may bring love; “

by bberburb

And then there is Conan. 

Three words. 

Force of Nature.

“And through the darkness there is light.” 

Conan lives in the moment. There is no future and there is no past.  There are no past lives or life everlasting.  There is only RIGHT NOW! And when that moment is gone there is the next.  Conan is 25/8.   No beginning, no middle and no end.  So where do you start?   There’s Denver and Kansas City. Arkansas and a redneck sheriffs’ deputy with little less nose than he woke up with one day. And Paoli, of course.  There’s a Nashville Tanning salon that will never be the same.   There’s a preacher in Claremore Oklahoma that is embarrassed by the fact a dog knows the Bible better then he does. There is an outstanding warrant regarding Westminster Kennel Club. The twins in Seattle.  And a border town in West Texas. 



That’s about as serious as you will ever see Conan.   Had to do with the cowgirl and how she knew which boots to wear when she was working in the field.