“now laughing friends deride…..Oh, so I smile and say…When a lovely flame dies”

by bberburb

I was not going to post any further images of smoke but the last image generated some questions that I want to clear up in the body of the blog instead of the comments section.

Once again, no inference of drug abuse was intended in any way.


It’s a spoon and smoke and a camera and photoshop.

The mention of Jeff Buckley and using a qoute from the Flaming Lips in no way infers drug abuse on their parts.   Jeff Buckley drowned with no drugs in his system and the Lips continue to produce music without the need for illicite drugs.

Now if you still want to infer that the image below depicts the use of drugs just because Paul Robi of The Platters was once busted because he smoked “Reefer”, well ok then…that is exactly what I intended then.