Jon T.V.

by bberburb

The guy in the center is Jon Haque and this is a Jon Haque tribute.   Why? you ask.  Why the hell not I say!


See in street clothes Jon Haque is a regular guy….like me, only shorn of most of the hair on his head.   The hair on his back probably looks like a cardigan.  But the head is shorn of its cover.  

Why you ask…Jon Haque is an actor, and any actor will tell you that you live or die by the lighting…and Jon Haque’s head glows…seriously, Jon Haque is Jon Haque’s own key light. 

That and he is a freaking force of nature…a human tasmanian devil. 

Put him in a costume…any costume and Jon Haque explodes.   He’s part Shakespeare, part Superman, part Foghorn Leghorn. 

The first three pics below were taken in the span of about one second….and I left out a few.   See what I mean.  

Me…I am wearing my “Haque Rocques!!” t-shirt.