“for the canvas beauty had locked him back”

by bberburb

I have up till now avoided having any images printed on canvas mainly because I could not control the color management process.  But recently I broke down and tried three images that I liked a lot in their printed form.   I received a recommendation to try a company called “Simply Canvas”.


 I broke down and placed an order. 

They arrived yesterday and I am completely blown away by the experience of seeing them hung on a wall. 

The quality of the printing and detail and the finished presentation quite honestly could not get any better. 

The ordering was simple, shipping was fast considering the quality control, and the packing was impecable.  

The experience far exceeds all of my expectations.  

Below are photos of each with thier respective inkjet prints.  To put them into perspective the inkjets are 13″ x 19″ and the frames they reside in approximately 15″ by 21″.   The canvas’ vary in size and are 2.5″ deep.  I might try thinner next time since I would probably end up attempting to frame them.